Latino Loud

Latino Loud

Sí Se Vota!

CPLC Action Fund has launched an historic Get Out The Vote campaign for Arizona Latinos for the 2022 election and beyond. But it all starts with YOU.

If you are not registered to vote, do so now by clicking on the link below. If you are registered to vote, then get a friend, family member, coworker or neighbor to register to vote by clicking on the link below.

And make sure to vote. Latino issues will be addressed only when Latino issues are heard – and it begins with our voice being heard loud and clear at the ballot box.

Be Latino Proud by being LATINO LOUD.

Remember: Your vote is your voice. Sí Se Vota.

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Useful info

Nonpartisan Voter Information

Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Commission

The Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Commission is a non-partisan commission created by voters that educates voters, and provides campaign funding and enforces campaign finance rules and laws. Clean Elections was founded in 1998 after Arizona voters passed the Citizens Clean Citizen Elections Act to root out corruption and promote confidence in our political process.



Arizona Secretary of State’s Office Elections Division

Key Dates for 2022 Arizona Election

July 22 – Deadline to request ballot by mail for Primary Election

August 2 – Primary Election

October 11 – Deadline to register for General Election

October 12 – Early voting begins

October 28 – Deadline to request ballot by mail for General Election

November 8 – General Election