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VIDEO: Latino voters hold the keys to 2020 election

6th Oct 2020

Watch the video of a livestream campaign launch for the Get Out The Vote campaign co-sponsored by CPLC Action Fund and UnidosUS Action Fund.

The hour-long event featured Latino leaders and voters talking about the importance of Latino participation in Election 2020. It is posted on the CPLC YouTube channel.

“The theme of our co-campaign is ‘It’s Our Time,’ which applies to many levels of Latino representation and participation in our democracy as demographics shift,” said Joseph Garcia, Executive Director of CPLC Action Fund. “It is our time to have a greater impact on elections; it is our time to have greater say in decisions after elections; it is our time to take a greater role in leadership across the board; and it is our time to speak, be heard and recognized as the asset Latinos truly are.”

The GOTV campaign will feature digital advertising in both English and Spanish to activate the Latino vote for the Nov. 3 election. Getting more Latinos on PEVL (Permanent Early Voting List) and voting early by mail will be the main focus.

“With a new wave of young Latinos now of eligible voting age, and older Latinos rejoining or joining the voter ranks for the first time, Latinos can send a message in 2020 that from this election forward, candidates and campaigns cannot win without the Latino vote,” said Orson Aguilar, Executive Director of the UnidosUS Action Fund.

The GOTV campaign will largely focus on the battleground state of Arizona, but also have a presence in Nevada, New Mexico and Texas, where CPLC also has operations.

CPLC President & CEO David Adame and UNIDOS US President & CEO Janet Murguia opened the kickoff campaign.

The panel discussion included young voices, an immigrant voting in her first presidential election, a Latina influencer, and state Sen. Otoniel “Tony” Navarrete, who is a member of the Arizona Latino Legislative Caucus. Moderator was Raul Aguirre, President/CEO of REA Media Group in Tucson.

Livestreamed on CPLC YouTube channel


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