CPLC Action Fund PAC Endorsements

29th Oct 2020

CPLC Action Fund PAC endorses the following Arizona campaigns and candidates:

President, Joe Biden: “(Joe) Biden has a plan to deal with Covid-19 on a national level, which includes both additional tests and treatment on the medical side, and on the economic side, more stimulant checks for families and help for small businesses owned by women and minorities. In no uncertain terms, Biden vows to immediately reverse the Trump administration’s ‘cruel and senseless policies’ that separate migrant parents from their children. Biden plans to establish a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers – and for their parents, saying immigration makes America stronger. Biden declares that ‘not be another foot’ of the border built would be built if he is elected president.”


U.S. Senate, Mark Kelly: “Mark Kelly’s positions on issues important to the Latino community – including education, workforce and economic development, wages, affordable housing, healthcare, DACA and immigration – align with those of CPLC Action Fund PAC. He knows the Latino community has been especially hard by COVID-19, both medically and economically, and that the pandemic has further exposed and even amplified disparities in the Latino and other underserved communities.”


Proposition 208 (Invest in Education Act): “This proposition is a much-needed game changer. For too long, education has taken a backseat in Arizona, even though it is the driver of economic opportunity and prosperity both individually and collectively. The entire state, including Latinos and other underserved communities, would benefit greatly by its passage, which would add an estimated $940 million annually to our state’s underfunded school system.”


Scottsdale mayor: Dave Ortega


Key legislative races:



District 6

Felicia French


District 17

A.J. Kurdoglu


District 20

Doug Ervin


District 28

Christine Marsh




District 4

Charlene Fernandez

Geraldine “Gerae” Peten


District 6

Coral Evans


District 17

Jennifer Pawlik


District 18

Denise “Mitzi” Epstein

Jennifer Jermaine


District 20

Judy Schwiebert


District 21

Kathy Knecht


District 27

Diego Rodriguez

Reginald Bolding


District 29

Cesar Chavez

Richard Andrade


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