George Floyd: Say his name today for a better day tomorrow

25th May 2021

On this one-year anniversary of the murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer, there are many words to say – and many words are being said, as should be the case in remembrance of such a sad and shocking tragedy that shook the nation. And rightfully so.

But it is also a time for action, not just words. Now is the time to pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, and to do so with overwhelming bipartisan conviction in Congress. It was hoped the legislation would be completed by this anniversary, but the more important action is that meaningful police reform be instituted. Soon, as in NOW.

Words cannot bring back a life lost to police brutality. Laws, however, can help protect against innocent lives being taken by police in the future. Accountability in law enforcement must be enacted.

As a nation, we must learn from our flaws in order to improve, grow and heal. We must acknowledge our injustice before we can truly embrace our humanity. As a people, we must look bigotry in the eye until hatred blinks and turns away in shame and ultimate defeat.

Systemic racism must systematically be dismantled, piece by piece, until the apparatus that for so long has supported it is forever both inoperative and obsolete.

Celebration as a nation will come only when we can honestly say: Hate no longer lives here; only peace, love and justice. Those are not aspirational words but rather our collective marching orders.

Perhaps it’s worth noting that the very first blog post when CPLC Action Fund launched its website on June 14, 2020 were these simple words: “Black Lives Matter.”

That declaration is stronger still today, in George Floyd’s name and memory. And they will become stronger yet tomorrow with passage of meaningful police reform and other steps toward social justice and equity for all.

George Floyd: Say his name.




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