You're invited: Thursday event will underscore importance of paid family leave

23rd Aug 2021

You are invited to a special event on Thursday. Paid Leave for the United States (PL+US) Action in partnership with Chicanos Por La Causa Action Fund will bring together families across Arizona for an event in Phoenix to call on Congress to pass a national paid family and medical leave policy.


The in-person event will feature the installation and unveiling of a giant comic-book style mural by local artists, activities for community members, and stories from advocates about the importance of paid family and medical leave and the need for Congress to enact robust policy now. In addition to the in-state event, grassroots paid-leave supporters across the country will be able to take part in a letter writing campaign to Congress.


“These energetic, family-friendly events will bring together Arizona voters to illustrate – both literally and metaphorically – the broad, bipartisan support paid family and medical leave enjoys with 84% of voters,” said Molly Day, Executive Director of PL+US Action. “The paid leave proposal in the Build Back Better plan represents a historic opportunity to ensure that every working person in Arizona has the paid time they need to welcome a new child into their families or care for themselves and their loved ones during life’s most challenging moments. This event will make clear that Arizonans are looking to their congressional leaders to seize this moment.”


In a news release, I concurred:


“Nothing is more important than family. A new child should be a joyous time, not an overly stressful time for working parents. The U.S. has the real opportunity to join much of the world in recognizing the importance of building a firm foundation for a successful family via the Paid Leave proposal in the Build Back Better plan. Once the benefits of the proposal are understood, there is no doubt of the positive impact Paid Leave will have on working families, including for the Latino community,” said Joseph Garcia, Executive Director of CPLC Action Fund.

Here are details of the event:

  • WHERE: Fair Trade Cafe courtyard (1020 N 1st Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85003)
  • FEATURED SPEAKER: Arizona State Rep. Jen Longdon
  • ARTIST: Shachi Kale


The event will be held outside to adhere to COVID safety precautions. Masks will be available on site and social distancing is encouraged. I hope to see you there.


Paid Leave for the U.S. Action Fund is a 501(c)(4) advocacy nonprofit fighting to win paid family and medical leave for everyone in the U.S. We’re electing candidates that will champion paid leave for all working people. To learn more, visit


Chicanos Por La Causa Action Fund is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit advocacy organization advancing education, affordable housing, health & human services, economic progress, social justice, and political empowerment.

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