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Build Back Better Agenda compromise still a big benefit for families

2nd Nov 2021

Chicanos Por La Causa Action Fund and UnidosUS Action Fund teamed up last week in front of the Arizona state Capitol to discuss the merits of the Build Back Better Agenda compromise, as well as share in the disappointment of what’s being cut out of the framework.


Luis Acosta, in speaking on behalf of the Chicanos Por La Causa Action Fund, addressed the topic of paid family medical leave, which presently is being omitted under the BBB Agenda compromise to trim the spending proposal to $1.75 trillion.


“We are very disappointed that it was left out of the package, as it currently stands, but we hope that our federal legislators will work to figure out some sort of compromise,” Acosta said.


Regarding immigration reform, Acosta said: “We are very disappointed that it was not included as well. Because of that we are very committed and invested that we do everything we can locally to ensure that (undocumented) Latinos have access to in-state tuition. That's why the CPLC Action Fund is very excited and proud to continue working towards ensuring that that's a reality for (tens of) thousands of Dreamers in the State of Arizona through the upcoming ballot initiative process.”


CPLC Action Fund is committed to be among the leading efforts to help pass the DACA in-state tuition measure on the 2022 ballot.


Other speakers at the news conference Thursday were representatives of UnidosUS Action Fund, Valle del Sol and Chicanos Por La Causa.


Lydia Guzman, Director of Advocacy and Civil Engagement for Chicanos Por La Causa, called the Build Better Back Better Act real progress, even in its scaled-back version.


“In our office for Chicanos Por La Causa, we see families who are having difficulty stretching that unemployment check because the pandemic hit so hard our community,” Guzman said. “What this means to a family here in Arizona is the difference between the ability to pay the rent, to pay for utilities. We understand that this is a compromise agreement, and we didn’t get everything we wanted and everything we needed, but it is a step in the right direction and it is real progress.”


In a news release, Joseph Garcia, Executive Director of Chicanos Por La Causa Action Fund, said: “This is a compromise agreement. In other words, we didn’t get everything that is wanted, nor everything that is needed. But it’s important that we don’t compromise on the basic but vital investments in American communities and instead take this game-changer step to combat climate change, extend health care coverage and alleviate child poverty.”


Garcia added it also is important to continue to seek protection for immigrants, including the framework's proposed $100 billion for addressing immigration backlogs and expanding legal representation at the border.


“We are calling on our representatives in Congress and the Senate to make this historic legislation a reality for a new and better day in America for all those who work so hard to make this nation great,” said Garcia, encouraging all Arizonans to make their voice heard in support of the Build Back Better proposal.


Here are links to contact Arizona’s delegation to the U.S. Senate:


U.S. Senator Kyrsten Sinema

Phoenix:                      602-598-7327

Tucson:                       520-639-7080

Washington, D.C.:      202-224-4521



U.S. Senator Mark Kelly

Phoenix:                      602-671-7901

Tucson:                       520-475-5177

Prescott:                      928-420-7732

Washington, D.C.:      202-224-2235

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