CPLC Action Fund endorses Marco Lopez for AZ Governor

20th Dec 2021

Chicanos Por La Causa Action Fund PAC announced Monday that it is endorsing Marco Lopez for governor, citing his leadership, experience and vision as the best candidate to guide Arizona today and tomorrow.


“Marco has the executive experience needed to deliver real results for all Arizonans, including longtime, new and future residents,” said David Adame, board chairman of CPLC Action Fund, a nonprofit advocacy organization. “Arizona is going to continue to grow as a state and we need a governor who understands both the impact and the opportunities associated with such dynamic changes. Marco Lopez is that leader.”


Lopez, a former mayor of Nogales, Obama administration appointee and longtime business leader, expressed appreciation for the CPLC Action Fund endorsement, which bolstered a string of recent endorsements for his campaign.


“I’m honored to have the support of Chicanos Por La Causa Action Fund,” Lopez said. “The work it does advocating for justice, equity and opportunity for Arizona communities has been critically important for folks across Arizona and the Southwest.”


Lopez said the endorsement underscores the core values and mission for his candidacy.


“I’m running for governor to restore the promise of Arizona that brought my parents here from Mexico nearly 50 years ago – the promise that if you work hard, play by the rules, and treat people with respect that you can make it here in our state. Sadly, that promise is out of reach for too many Arizonans today, but as Governor I will work with organizations like Chicanos Por La Causa Action Fund to build a state where everyone has the opportunity to succeed, no matter who they are, where they're from, or what their background is,” Lopez said.


Joseph Garcia, executive director of CPLC Action Fund, commended the gubernatorial campaign’s ability to unite a diverse coalition of voters needed to win in 2022 and to move Arizona forward long after the November election.


“Arizona needs to be about Arizona, not about partisan or identity politics. People, communities and businesses are ready to work together, not against each other. Marco understands that fact because he understands Arizona,” Garcia said.


Prior to the endorsement, Lopez reached out to CPLC Action Fund to discuss important issues facing Arizona families and communities, as well as challenges resulting from the pandemic, which hit the Latino community especially hard. After several conversations, it became apparent that Lopez best aligned with CPLC Action Fund core issues related to education, affordable housing, workforce development, immigration, civic engagement and community empowerment.


“Marco Lopez understands that for Arizona to thrive, we must all succeed,” Adame said. “But for us all to succeed, we must all have an equal opportunity to participate and demonstrate our value. Everything is still possible, and Arizona working together as a team cannot be beat – regionally, nationally or internationally. With the right leadership from the governor’s office, Arizona will become the state it is capable and deserves to be. Marco fits that bill perfectly.”


CPLC Action Fund is a 501(C)(4) nonprofit advocacy organization overseen by a governing board independent from its larger sister organization, Chicanos Por La Causa, a community development and program services provider.


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